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From the age of 10, I would sit at my bedroom window, pen and paper in hand. My mind transformed my bedroom into an apartment in New York City. I was a writer living above a bakery. I could clearly envision the hard wood floors and the artork I had hung on my walls. The view of skyscrapers from my window and the crowds rushing by at Christmastime offered a sense of curiosity and excitement. Smells of freshly baked croissants and coffee from the bakery below delighted my sense of smell. 


Never would I have guessed that writing would become a passion that would come to come to fruition. I grew up in a small southern Indiana town during a time that the children rode bicycles, walked to local bakeries, and played at the park without fear. Doors weren't locked to keep danger away. We played in the rain, listened to music, and were close with our neighbors. My mother taught me to make home cooked meals and how to create something beautiful from almost nothing at all. 


My interests and passions stem from life experiences. After becoming aware that our incarcerated citizens are not always treated as citizens, but are disregarded , harmed, and denied much needed treatment. This awareness prompted me to write my first book, "The United States Injustice System". My upcoming book, "Appalachia: Through the Eyes of its People" was inspired by the generations of my family that hailed from Eastern Kentucky. I remember visiting my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, and my cousins at least twice a year. These people have been judged unfairly. This book is one that will enlighten those who consider the population of Appalachia to be mountain people who wear no shoes, have no education, and are less than in many other ways. I hope to show that this population, while there are issues to face,  to face, is one of tenacity, generosity, and talent. Their heritage is as rich as the colors of the mountains. 

I hope you will enjoy the book as you cuddle up in a blanket sipping your coffee and my best to all!

Sandy C. Freese

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Whether you have a loved one who is incarcerated and being unfairly treated or if you live in the Appalachian Mountains and feel that the preconceived judgement from others have caused you pain. This is the place to share your feelings. Judgement from those who do not understand is harmful. If you celebrate victories and happiness, please share that as well. As an Accredited Cognitive Behavioral Therapist who has not always had an easy time of it, I understand. There are times when we find the need to support others and allow others to support us as well.  

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