Change Starts With us Ohio



To bring awareness through education and advocacy  of those wrongfully convicted while fighting for those incarcerated to ensure their voices are heard. 

Our Values:

We strive to treat all people with dignity and fairness in an honest and moral manner. 

Change Starts With Us Ohio

I first came in contact with this organization in August , 2020. I have now attended several of their events. James Kronenberger  formed Change Starts With Us Ohio, along with Candace Sanchez and Jerry Vaughn. Shiloh Rafferty is acting president., who is both well-organized and a great speaker. While James is no longer president, he remains active as does the rest of the team. The members work tirelessly on behalf of those who are wrongfully incarcerated. They schedule many events, attend many rallies, speak with those who need help on a daily basis, send Christmas cards annually to those who are incarcerated, and work well with other organizations.

Here are a few of the events Change Starts With Us Ohio has sponsored. Please visit the site and, if compelled, hit that donate button; every donation counts!

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