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As we begin work that necessitates travel, lodging, inventory, advertising, etc., we benefit by the kindness of others. Without sponsorships, my first book signing events would have been much more difficult to achieve. I introduce you to the The Deskovic Foundation 


Sponsors make the journey possible!

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For those who wish to donate, going through The Deskovic Foundation will ensure that your donation will be tax deductible. Clearly state that the donation is for the book signing tour, and you will receive a deduction form. All funds received will go toward travel expense, lodging, inventory, and advertising.  Those who sponsor $300.00 or more will be promoted via brochures, advertising, the website, and various social media outlets.


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The United States Injustice System Book Signing Tour


The Deskovic Foundation

At the age of 17, Jeffrey Deskovic was convicted of the brutal rape and murder of a classmate. Due to a coerced confession, he spent the next 16 years incarcerated within New York Correctional Facilities. After DNA evidence identified the correct perpetrator of the crime, he was released on the grounds of Actual Innocence, meaning he had no connection to the crime he was convicted of. 

After graduating from the Elizabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University with a law degree, Jeffrey formed his 501 (c)(3) nonprofit foundation. The Deskovic Foundation, based in New York, focuses on justice in its entirety. They work toward ending wrongful convictions and have already made a difference. Three individuals have been exonerated due to the diligence of Jeffrey and his team; others have benefitted by his willingness to collaborate. Read more about the foundation here:

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