White Sheet

Pen Pal Opportunities

As we know, those who are incarcerated need compassion and warmth. So many are without any outside communication; they are lonely. While we take for granted that we have loved ones to visit with, call, and send cards to, this population wishes for human kindness. 

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For those desiring mail...

Just send the name, DOC number, and address to Sandy at sandy@authorscfreese.com and

I will post!

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For those wishing to support an incarcerated citizen through writing...

Send me an e-mail at sandy@authorscfreese.com letting me know if you have preferences as to whom you would like to write. Remember; most of this population is beyond grateful for letters!


Pen Pal Progress

Thus far, as of 12/16/2021, we have set pen pals up with:

1 female in Quincy, Florida

1 male in Cumberland, MD.

1 male in Indiana

2 males in Florida

1 male in New York

Please Let me know if you are aware of an incarcerated citizen who would like to receive mail. sandy@authorscfreese.com