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I was born in Paris, Texas in 1971. My family lived so far out in the boondocks, that we had to ship in sunshine. As can be imagined, I was raised to be God fearing, family loving, patriot that would defend house and home with my last drop of blood. There’s nothing more honorable than to find something to die for, right? But a new age was being born along with myself and it was called Generation C. Sounding like a true hillbilly, I was breakdancing and listening to rap before you could even find it in the stores.

So, I was born a free spirit and I took it seriously when I was taught that people had died so I could be free to be anything I wanted to be. As I grew up, I realized that was only true as long as I was being the person society wanted me to be. And that’s where it started.

Growing up seeing Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, etc. There was a real sense that America was going to set the politicians straight, so I was ready to die, if necessary. Looking back, all that happened was that I never lived. But I’m still here somehow and I still believe because I’ve been alive long enough to know that what’s right will eventually win the day. The reality of our situation is a matter of timing.

When enough people get fed up, things change. Unfortunately, it seems like that moment in time can be predicted by victim counts. Americans are having their freedom ripped away, for no reason other that feeding the prison industrial complex. People are waking up every day to the reality that we are not all equal and that unless you’re a corporation or someone with vast wealth, your government does not work for you.

It’s no secret how government works; we all know what K Street is, but we still think showing up to vote for one of two parties actually matters. And here’s the rub. America, don’t go out looking to bring these sanctioned criminals to justice, because we are ALL guilty. We know the reality, but we can’t wait to bash a private citizen’s head open for burning the flag. But, as long as it’s their party, they will applaud as elected officials use the constitution to wipe their butts with. We are all guilty and it will take all of us to fix this.

I’m not out to hold anyone’s feet to the fire, but if you come to the table where the change that will come is being discussed, come in perfect love and trust; but most of all, come with a desire to make a world you can be proud to leave to your children. We can all get behind that, right? So, if you have a chance to make a difference, don’t squander it. If you have a platform to speak from, know your song well before you start singing. If you’re blessed with a financial reality that gives you the ability to fund worthwhile endeavors and you sit and watch it die on the vine, shame on you. As I said, change will come when enough s us have been victimized. With millions of American Citizens rotating through the meat grinder called the legal system every day to provide the slave labor certain individuals depend on, we will put our money where our mouths are. So, let’s see where we are. How many of you out there are tired or being victims? If so, the tools are in place. If you’re getting away with making our country a crappy place to live, be prepared. If the legal system won’t deal with you, the court of public opinion will. Be warned, it’s a new day; your privilege will be your downfall.

Let’s wipe the slate clean and go forward. May the King of Gloom be forever doomed.

Mark Dotson

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