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Restoring the Fine Art of Vocabulary

A friend invites you to afternoon tea. As you enter the front door of the tearoom, your eyes pivot from the vivid purple and pink floral displays on the chintz tablecloth to the lovely three tiered trays that hold tiny sandwiches and sparkling sugared candies. You're greeted with a magnanimous smile and offered a menu of teas. The aroma of the tea room, vanilla and lavender, entices your tastebuds and offers a sense of relaxation.

An artist with a blank canvas doesn't simply splatter paint hoping for a masterpiece. Much thought is put into his/her artwork before the brush reaches the pallet. Which colors are complementary? What does the artist want to convey with his/her work? What audience would enjoy his/her art?

Over time words have taken new meanings. Dope no longer means drugs, it means cool. If you're cray-cray, you're crazy. Woke means aware of potential injustices. The list goes on and on. Not long ago I was at a dinner party and said the word lovely. A young man near to me was surprised to hear that expression. During a movie I watched not long ago, one young woman taunted another for using the archaic term, charming.

I love words that paint a picture. When describing the tea room, I could have said, "It's dope!". But what would the reader have imagined? I feel very fortunate to be a member of Toastmasters, where we are encouraged to use descriptive words and phrases. The use of auto correct does nothing for our personal growth; it's too easy. Books are becoming less and less powerful as we listen to them on apps. Do you miss the smell of fresh print?

Those of you who are in your 20s or 30s must be aware that when you reach your 50s, an entire new vocabulary will be in existence. Consider beautiful, descriptive words as a gift. One you want to keep and use. One you want to share. As I come to a close I will leave this thought with you:

"Lovely people, I wish for you an evening of peace, joy, and love. I will soon be enjoying a piping hot cup of orange spice tea while pouring over my charming meditation book."

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