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Smiling Through the Pain

Carlos Ortis is a man who has made a bad choice. 14 years ago, he made the decision to drive under the influence of alcohol. Doing so left three innocent people lifeless. Every day for the past 14 years, Carlos prays for that family. Their loved ones have forgiven him, but he struggles to forgive himself. He is incarcerated in a Florida Correctional Facility and has become a mentor and a strong example to others. I, and the family of the victim's desire his release. What he can do for society is much needed. Here are a few words from Carlos about the holidays.

"...the holidays are never easy because I think of three souls that I took by making the worst choice of my life and because of me there will be empty seats at their table!! I think of this small child that is not going to be opening any gifts...a grandmother that will not have her grandchild nor her daughter. For years I’ve prayed for this family that I hurt so much. My family? I miss, yes, but I am here, and one can explain to some about how I feel but I don't feel that it's fair, why them and not me??? I have found purpose helping others and sharing my experience to create the consciousness of others in hopes that not another family will have to go through a holiday without their family member sitting at their place at the table! I love my family and to them everything is always ok, but for me but, that is not really how it is. I must be ok with that; it is the only thing I can do for them."

Not everyone will have happy holidays this year. Please consider looking at the pen pal page.

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